Felice Go Lucky

Napoli is trying to keep me

Got up late at St. Luigi’s and walked to meet Rufina at her top floor flat. Beautiful view of a duomo and some roman ruins.
Chilled out with her and fought through the crowded streets to piazza marittima for a chocolate festival where the girls and I got sugar high like I’ve never been before. The chocolate and company were good for taking my mind off of other cloudy things. After visiting the cake decorating booths and having a few more free samples, we went to a street carnival with a bunch of lights and children’s amusement park rides. Took silly pictures at the carnival and went to the seaside for sunset.
As the sun went down, we climbed the Ovo castle and took pictures of the bay and the lights. Went all the way to the top tiers of the castle and watch the sun extinguish and give way to the inky night.
Walked along the port talking about anime and raving. Through the densely populated and busker lined street of via romana to people watch and eat pizza margarita in a busy piazza.
I could have written love songs about that pizza, involving a lot of moaning and general pleasure sounds.
Split up our party with plans of dancing and cuddle puddles later in the evening.

Hostel owners…

Ugh, had to dodge this skinny, pushy, asshole hostel owner who was trying to liquor me up. Three beers and two shots later, he is completely hammered and tried to confuse me by leading me all around Bari from hostel to hostel, took me back to his place. I asked for the toilet and while he was busy pouring wine I bolted and made my way back to my place. But he knows where that is so he followed me back with the wine and I told him I was tired and worried about my friend who just got in a bike accident. He pulled me into a hug, had to evade very sloppy kisses and I showed him to the door of his own hostel. He gave me a super deal on this very nice room, but I guess he thinks I’m obligated to return the favor. I don’t know if he will be back, he has the key to my room, will be sleeping with one eye open…

I slept in my clothes and covered up with my jacket, even though the room is super nice. Woke up at any sound of keys jingling or locks clicking. But checkout was at 10 and I haven’t gotten kicked out yet. Want to leave my things in the room for the day so I don’t have to lug them around. The guy gave me a 10 euro discount, but I was still 5€ short and I’m debating on whether or not to pay it because he was such a jerk Went back to the hostel after walking around to find him cleaning my room, even though I didn’t ton anything or even sleep in the bed. Asked him if I could leave my things in the room for the day. He said yes but id have to leave my keys. I thought this gave him too much control over me, so I’m carrying my bags around until the train to naples. Horray! But if my life is as hard as choosing to have a coffee to avid carrying my bags against walking around a beautiful medieval city for a few hours, let it be.

Durres to Bari

I just got a little nervous, I went to lay down in my seat and closed my eyes for a second, got a weird feeling, sat back up and now everyone that was around is gone. I had mu headphones in, but I think I would have heard an announcement… So now I’m just sitting here by myself waiting to see what happens… Also, the boat was supposed to leave an hour ago and we’re still docked. I think it’s kinda weird, I’m going to ask reception what’s up.

Due to inclement weather, the boat is canceled or tonight and everyone gets a cabin for free. I guess I just didn’t hear the announcement, or maybe this is all part of the plan to get me into one of these rooms with two way mirrors so rich men can bid on me… I’m ok, they probably would have jammed cell towers if they didn’t want me communicating my location

I’ve seen a ton I Italy, but it just makes the most sense for me to go this way. Spoiled by eastern Europe. Just missed another boat that would have gotten me to Bari by tomorrow morning. But I met a bunch of crazy guys on the way here, I got a free beer and mug from these cevapçi restaurant owners and I had to charge my phone at the travel agency where these two drunk Halloween party goers poured me orange shots and made me sing “sexy and I know it”


Got barfed on by a girl on the long distance budget bus. Would rather be going by motorbike…

She misses you, Katy

She misses you, Katy